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List of Guides for Sixty Four. Everything from Beginner Guides to Indepth Special Guides and special Mechanics.

Basic Guides[edit source]

Beginner Friendly Sixty Four Guides that will help you to get a good start and get used to the game.

List of tips and tricks for the progression SPOILER-FREE (unless you open the hidden areas) for Sixty Four. Feel free to share them with newer players and add your tips in each part.

Wiki section for variety of base layouts that will help to optimize stone mining, conversion, make your base look good or just to see what kind of layouts others came up with.

List of community-made tools, spreadsheets, calculators etc. With the links and the brief description of each tool. Some might be outdated.

Modding Guides[edit source]

Modding related Sixty Four Guides

Guide on how to Install, Find and Create Mods for Sixty Four and all information about the Mods

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