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List of different Base Layouts for Sixty Four sorted by current stage in the game and main Machines or purpose.

Extracting Channel Layouts[edit | edit source]

Basic layouts using Extracting Channel.pngExtracting Channel for beginner players or for the Neophobia achievement. Those layouts are focused on early progression and don't use advanced machines.

Tileable Extracting Channel Layout

Tileable Excavating Channel Layout final.png

Layout using only Extracting Channels, making it good for the early game, or to reach the end-game while qualifying for the Neophobia achievement.

Excavating Channel Layouts[edit | edit source]

Base Layouts using Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel. Those layouts are focused on efficiency and can be useful for players starting from the mid game and all the way to the endgame.

Scalable Square Excavating Channel Layout

Scalable Square Extracting Channel II Layout.png

Easy to scale square mining base layout that is focusing on utilizing most gains from a single Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel. Can be constructed as soon as its unlocked and easily upgraded to last until the very endgame. Can easily dig to the high (low?) Depth because of high amount of blocks being excavated per Excavating Channel.
Works well when 2 or 4 of those placed next to each other.

Void Resonator 4x Excavating Channel Automated Layout

Void Resonator 4x Excavating Channel Automated Layout.png

Optimal setup for Void Resonator.pngVoid Resonator that can be fully automated afterwards. Using 4x Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel for 5x blocks production per resonator for high performance mining that will last through late to the very endgame.
Allow easy transition to Void Resonator.pngVoid Resonator to keep resource production flowing in the process of upgrading.
Perfect if you had 4x Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel setup before, but works great if built from the scratch as well.

64 Kmph Down Layout

64 Kmph Down Layout.jpg

Great setup for 64 Kmph Down Achievement. It reached the required depth in under 5 minutes, leaving players plenty of time to do their own things. Press once and get the achievement or fully automate it for less gains, and close calls.

Converter Layouts[edit | edit source]

Different Converter Layouts focused on Stones converting process optimizing their performance.

Automated Layouts[edit | edit source]

Base layouts that are fully automated.

Endgame Irradiator Setup

Endgame Irradiator Setup.png

Efficient setup for both Catalytic Preheater.pngPreheaters and Celestial Irradiator.pngIrradiators, focusing on Chromalit.pngChromalit production. Can be used in manual mode pre automation unlocks as well.

Compact Gradient Well Automated Layout

Compact Gradient Well Automated Layout.png

Fully automated, scalable Gradient Well.pngGradient Well endgame layout using Void Resonator.pngVoid Resonator for maximum cost-effectiveness of machines. Uses lowest amount of Conductor.pngConductor possible, since only need connection from one side. Can be adjusted for higher efficiency, but worse looks with more Conductor.pngConductor usage.

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