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List of Video Guides for Sixty Four. Everything from Beginner Guides to Indepth Special Guides and special Mechanics with additional visual representation.

Basic Guides[edit source]

Beginner Friendly Sixty Four Video Guides that will help you to get a good start and get used to the game. Basic base layouts, game mechanics, tips and tricks, etc.

Beginners Sixty Four Guide explaining main mechanics and automation
Video Guide for new players who are lost on early stages of the game, looking for good early base layouts or trying to figure out how the game works. From the first steps to your first automation mechanics using Underground Silo.pngUnderground Silo.

Base Layout Guides[edit source]

Base Layout Videos covering different layouts for different stages of the game. You can also find most layouts in Base Layouts section of the Wiki.

Scalable Square Excavating Channel Layout Video Guide
Scalable Square Excavating Channel Layout Video Guide explaining how to set up, upgrade and automate the Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel Square layout. Covering all the necessary and additional machines, when you should start using this setup and when it becomes obsolete.

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