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Stones are the main resources in Sixty Four, which can be used for building Machines, or refined. Stones are unlocked as you play the game and as your Extracting Channel.pngExtracting Channel/Extracting Channel II.pngExcavating Channel digs deeper into the ground.

Stones can be collected by breaking cubes.

Available Stones[edit | edit source]

Stones Unlock Requirements and Mining Depth[edit | edit source]

The first 7 stones in Sixty Four is available at a specific depth range. Upon unlocking, you will start getting the new type of stone. Its amount will increase over time, peaking on its average mining depth. After unlocking new type of stone, previous stone will start to appear less and less until it will be gone from this Excavating Channel completely.

Afterwards you will need to use the Machines to get more stones of lower tier.

Here is a table with the list of the stones available in Sixty Four, their Mining Depth and Unlock Requirement. 

Stones Unlock Requirements and Mining Depth
Stone Mining Depth Unlock Requirement
Charonite.pngCharonite 0 - 700 m Default
Elmerine.pngElmerine 0 - 320 m Default
Qanetite.pngQanetite 220 - 475 m 220m Depth
Beta-Pylene.pngBeta-Pylene 450+ m 450m Depth
Hell Gem.pngHell Gem 800 - 7000 m 700m Depth
Chromalit.pngChromalit 6200 - 19000 m 7000m Depth
Celestial Foam.pngCelestial Foam 17000+ m 17000m Depth
Hollow Stone.pngHollow Stone - Hollow Rock Research Site.pngHollow Rock Research Site
Void.pngVoid - Annihilator.pngAnnihilator
Reality.pngReality - Void Admiration Chancel.pngVoid Admiration Chancel

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock new type of stones you will need to dig deeper.

At some specific depth one type of stone will be replaced with another and their ratios might change over time. Check each stone page for stone-specific details.

If you want to get lower tier stones you can make a new Excavating Channel or recycle one of yours and replace it with a new one, so it will start mining from the scratch and go through all the stone depths again.

Upon unlocking Celestial Foam.pngCelestial Foam gameplay mechanics will change and you will have to adapt to it.

Resource Distribution chart for 0-750m mining depth by the game developer.

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